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Long-term care

Our Medical and long-term care

Caregivers Alliance (Home) Limited (CAH) provide services include medical and non-medical care services in response to client medical and long-term care service. Our professional care team will evaluate your health status and match up with our well-trained care professional according to client health conditions and care needs.

 Flexible Services Program

  Door to Door Care Services

  Suitable for Elderly and Patients

 Local healthcare Professionals

Home Care Services

Companion and Escort service
(Healthcare Assistant)

Accompanying medical appointments

Accompanying treatments

Pushing wheelchairs

Assisting in transportation

Assisting in handling registration

Arranging medical appointment

Fetching medicines

Daily living care service
(Personal Care Worker)

Lifting and transfer

Fall prevention

Meal feeding

Medicine feeding

Assistance in bathing

Changing diapers

Stretching exercises

Daily living care

Daily healthcare service
(Health Worker)

Indwelling urethral catheter care

Throat care

Oxygen therapy

Wound care (Washing the wound)

Stoma care (Ostomy bag replacement)

Nasogastric tube feeding

Daily medical care service
(Registered / Enrolled Nurse)

Tracheotomy care

Urinary throat care

Sputum suction

Blood draw

Intravenous injection

Intramuscular injection

Home Rehabilitation Care

Basic rehabilitation care worker

Rehabilitation treatment plan established by the physiotherapist/occupational therapist, Teach and perform simple rehabilitation exercises.

Physiotherapy Assistant / Occupational Therapy Assistant

Full-time rehabilitation care worker

Evaluated and targeted rehabilitation therapy
(E.g. manual therapy, pain treatment, etc.)

Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist

Long-term care suitable for

Elderly patient
Cancer patient
Bone fracture patient
Brain degeneration patient
Stroke patients
After surgery patients

Wound care patient
Patients with reduced mobility
Patients requiring urinary throat care
Patients requiring nasogastric tube feeding
Patients with deteriorating health and function
Long-term patients who need medical care

Long Term Care Services

Discharge from hospitals care
Stroke care
Cancer care
Indwelling urethral catheter care

Wound care
Stoma care
Personalized care
Peritoneal Dialysis Care


Patients generally need to place a urinary catheter to help urination due to urethral obstruction, bladder muscle problems, nerve conduction dysfunction in urination, or urination problems after surgery. Proper urinary and throat care can prevent urinary tract infections and increase patient comfort sense.

Health workers or nurses, please click for free consultation, our nursing experts will explain to you related urinary and throat care services.

The cost of long-term care services depends on the service you choose. You can click here for more information.

You can find related care service on our website. If you are not sure which care services you needs, you can call 2133 9088 or WhatsApp 9133 3188 to contact us.