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Elderly Care

For the family member who had to takecare elder without nursing skills and medical knowledge, in some kind of extend during the care work without nursing skills may cause the elder secondary injuries. Also during the process, both parties are prone to depression or irritability or may be overworked and under long-term care may suffer, which leads to another kind of family care problem. Our home care services for the elderly are specially designed for who are frail, ill or family has no time to take care of them. Through our home care services can help to relieve the daily life problems and stress of the elderly and their family. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of harmony where residents can really feel comfortable in their home with our basic home care services and professional nursing services.  The staff of all our care teams is selected for their friendly, professional and caring qualities. With our professional private nursing care team is extensive and comprehensive. Our attributive private nursing care service can create a proper and comprehensive care for elder creates an abundant life in their later years.

But how do you know it’s the right decision for you or your loved one?
If you feel that any of the points below relate to you or your loved one, it may be time you start considering home care.

Who living alone
Who with stroke
Who with diabetes
Who with chronic illness
Who are long-term bedridden
Who with mobility impairment

Who in need of home care
Who need medical follow-up consultation
Who after illness, accident or surgery
Who can’t prepare meals and purchase items
Who need short-term care when domestic helpers are on vacation
Who need accompaniment, medical treatment and nursing care

Private nursing home elderly care

Private Care category Accompanying the elderly to medical appointmentsPersonal hygiene care
(Caring for emotions, holding, feeding,
feeding medicine, bathing, etc.)
General care
(Simple wound care,
nasogastric tube feeding,
urinary and throat care,
stoma care, etc.)
Professional nursing
(Sputum extraction, blood draw,
drug injection, peritoneal dialysis,
stoma care, etc.)
Household cleaning
service, Purchase food and cook meal
Caring the elderly to the hospital
(Healthcare Assistant)
Suitable for the elderly with
self-care ability
Home care for the elderly
(Personal Care Worker)
Suitable for the elderly with
low self-care ability
Home Care for the Elderly
(Health Worker)
Suitable for the elderly with
low self-care ability and need nursing care
Home Care for the Elderly
Suitable for the elderly with
low self-care ability and need special care
Domestic helper ✔︎


Private nursing has different services and types. Different care services are handled by caregiver with various professional qualifications, which can be divided into Nurse, Personal care worker, and Health workers. The nurses hold a practising certificate issued by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong and able to provide professional medical services, including blood draws, drug injections, wound care, etc. The health workers and personal care worker are mainly responsible for daily living care, rehabilitation care, daily feeding at home, bathing, etc.Family members can hire caregiver with different qualifications depending on their needs, such as their physical condition, whether they have the ability to take care of themselves, whether they need medical services, etc.

The needs of patients should be evaluated first. Please click for free consultation, our nursing consultants will recommend appropriate private care to you.

In addition to the basic service charge, there may be additional charges for private care under the following special circumstances:
*Work arrangements for severe weather conditions
*Work transportation surcharge for remote areas
*Night service charges or overtime work charges

Yes, you can call 21339088, or WhatsApp 9133 3188 tells us that the number of hours you need.

You can choose to serve 4/6/8/10/12 hours a day, and make an appointment for five days service.

We advocate one-to-one nursing services and hope that they will receive proper care and peace of mind for their families. Therefore, it is difficult for professional nursing staff to handle other household chores and cooking. If guests need related services, they can choose to use our company’s domestic helpers to do it for them.

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